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Play Free Frozen Castle Solitaire Card Game Online

How to Play

Game Design

This is a winter themed game which uses the same basic play mechanics as Tripeaks Solitaire.

The game has a few minor exceptions:

The first level lasts 2 minutes and 50 seconds. Each subsequent level has 10 seconds less to complete it, so the final level gives you 1 minute and 20 seconds.

Game Features

The right rail of the game shows you your level score, level number, remaining time and bonus. At the bottom of the right rail there are 5 buttons to pause the game, go to fullscreen mode, turn sound or music off, or undo a move.

The level select screen shows you what you scored on each level. You can go back and replay prior levels to try to achieve a higher score on them. In general your score should be higher on earlier levels than on later levels because you should have more time remaining when the level is complete.


In general it makes sense to try to work on all parts of the playing field in parallel to give you the maximum flexibility with being able to use subsequent cards.

If you are going for the highest score you can possibly get then your primary goal should be to try to keep the longest consecutive streak of playing cards going that you can so you take advantage of the bonus multiplier.

If you lose a level you can replay it as many times as you like.


Each card removed from the tableau is worth 100 points. You can score a bonus multiple for removing many cards in a row, so if you removed 5 cards in a row the fifth card would have a 5x multiple and be worth 500 points.

Every second you have remaining at the end of the level is worth 30 points.

Cards from the reserves which remain when the level is beat are worth 50 points each. If you do not use the Joker card that adds another 500 points to your level score.

Your total score is cumulative across rounds.

When you are done with the final round if you click end game on that level you can go to the level select screen and choose to replay any prior levels.

If you click the "End Game" button on the level select screen that will offer you the opportunity to submit your score & then will erase your progress, putting you back to level 1 the next time you play.

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