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Free Online Flower Shop Video Game

How to Play


This is a timed 10-stage floral business simulation game.

Serve customers the flowers they wish to purchase and reach the level goals before the timer runs out


This is a 10-stage timed clicker simulation game.

Each level has a unique time limit, required customers served, and inventory. Your types of flowers available for purchase increases as you progress through the game with most levels adding one more type of flower or one more display with a few flower types.

On the first level you have 1:50 to successfully serve 5 customers. On later levels you need to serve dozens of customers and have a far longer time limit.

Play Tips

Multitasking for the Win

While you are carrying flowers for one customer you can reorder other types of flowers, give other customers menus of your floral arrangement options, and pick up payments from prior customers.

In this game you need to:

The cash customers leave after they order does not disappear after a short period of time, so you can serve many customers in a row and then mass collect the payments when the customer que is less demanding.

Keep Them Happy

Customers show you a visual of what they want & have a vertically filling meter which shows how much patience they have remaining. If their meter fills before they are served they will leave angry. The meters for requesting a menu fill faster than the meters for ordering flowers.


You are scored on how much time it takes you to beat each level & how much you earn on each level.

The level select screen shows your score on each level.

You can replay levels you scored poorly on to try to earn a better score.

As you progress through the game you earn a higher score on deeper levels as you serve 5 more customers on each level than you did on the prior level, so you have more opportunities to earn points. It is common to score 1,500 to 2,000 more points on each subsequent beat level than were earned on the level prior.

Game Controls

General Information

At the top of each level it shows how many customers you have served out of the goal requirement, what your remaining time limit is, how much money you earned on the current stage, and what level number you are on.

In the upper right corner there are buttons to switch to full screen mode, pause the game, control game sound, and control game music.

A True Clicker

This game is a trucker clicker game where you really wear out the left click button on the mouse. You use the left click button to:

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