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How to Play


35 cards are dealt to the 7 tableau columns with the 17 remaining cards dealt across the top of the screen.

Move all cards to the 4 foundation piles in suit from Ace to King.

On the tableau build down regardless of suit. You do not need to alternate colors and can even use the same suit repeatedly.

Only 1 cards at a time may be moved. Empty spaces can be filled with any card.

All cards in the reserve (top row) are available for play on the foundations or tableau. Only the bottom card of each column on the tableau may be played.

Aces are automatically laid to the founation. Other cards are also automatically laid across when all cards numerically beneath them have already been moved. You can also manually move cards across, but cards which are laid to a foundation may not be returned to the tableau.


Try to move the Aces to the foundations as soon as you can.

When you can use a card from the top section or the bottom columns it is usually better to use the bottom column cards as the top row of cards can be played at any point in time & once a card has been removed from the top to the bottom you have to deal with moving it repeatedly whenever you need to move cards from that column.

Try to create an empty column on the tableau as soon as you can, as that gives you flexibility which allows you to resort other columns.

Try not to build a column too deep unless the top card is a King or the cards above it are unlikely to be needed until you have worked off the stack or created other empty columns.


This is a single-level game with a 10 minute time limit.


The right side of the screen shows your current score and remaining time. Underneath those data points are 6 buttons to pause the game, switch to full screen mode, control sound, control music, undo moves, and restart the game.

You can undo up to 3 moves per game. Undos do not reacharge.


Each card you move to a foundation is worth 10 points.

Each second you have remaining when you beat the game is worth 5 points.

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