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Free Online Farm Town Video Game

How to Play


This is a timed 40-stage farming and food processing simulation game where you have 10 minutes on each stage to reach the level goals.

Plant seeds & grow livestock.

Load your pickup truck with grains, vegetables & meat to sell at the town market to fund buying more seeds & to purchase other culinary equipment.

Buy advanced culinary equipment and process your foods to more valuable products to earn more for your ingredients.


This is a 40-stage timed clicker simulation game.

At the top of each level it shows what your goals are for the level. Goals can include earning a certain amount of money, harvesting a specific amount of food, or making more advanced recipes.

Each level has a unique set of goals you must achieve within the 10 minute time limit.

Play Tips

Maximize Your Early Cashflow

Focus early on one type of food to produce and plant + harvest as early as you can to generate a healthy and recurring income stream to fund other production. Producing 6 units of grains guarantees you at least 60 income each harvest & possibly more if you refine some of the product into higher value foods.

In this game you need to:

You can increase the size of your truck and your fridge, but you need to keep a constant flow of goods from source to destination to keep the cashflow going.

Do not forget to research upgrades in the correct order. Early in the game you need to purchase the flour mixer to make dough. After that you need to plant vegetables a couple rounds later.

If you do not have the right equipment to beat a level & purchased the wrong research upgrades earlier you can go back and beat previously completed levels again in order to earn more gold to purchase upgrades.

Keep Producing & Selling

If you do not pick a harvest no more of that sort of crop will grow again until you pick the harvest. You can build up a backlog of foods by the door to keep the harvests going.


You are scored on how much time it takes you to beat each level & how much you earn on each level.

The level select screen shows your score on each level.

You can replay levels you scored poorly on to try to earn a better score.

Each time you reach a level goal it is replaced by a green checkmark. Levels automatically end whenever you reach all goals within the level.

Game Controls

General Information

Across the top of the game it shows your current savings, the level number you are on, your level production goals (monetary or otherwisse), and how mcuh time you have remaining to beat the level.

In the upper left the truck shows its progress moving to or from town.

Below your remaining time is a research button where you can research new products including mixers, ovens, a larger fridge, and a larger truck with more food carrying capacity.

The left rail has 4 game control buttons allowing players to pause the game, switch to full screen mode, control game sound, and control game music.

The lower left corner shows your fridge inventory.

Inventory of unprocessed ingredients can appear near the back door.

Each ingredient has a circle graph indicating production progress.

The machinery where you process food tells you how many processed ingredients it can make at a time, what inputs are needed, and how many processed foods you have made.

A True Clicker

This game is a trucker clicker game where you really wear out the left click button on the mouse. You use the left click button to:

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