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Free Online Farm Flip Mahjongg Solitaire Video Game

How to Play

Mahjong Basics

Open Stones

You can only match open stones. When you select an open stone it is outlined & then it flips or disappears when you select a matching open stone.

Stones feature produce, farm equipment, and traditional Chinese Mahjong tile symbols.


Match open stones depicting the same item on them. Each stone needs matched twice to be removed from the board.

Clear the board of stones to move on to the next stages. Finish the stage as fast as you can to earn a high score.


This game has 19 different untimed levels to play through.

You unlock levels sequentially & can't go back to replay previously beat levels without starting the game over at the first level.

Play Tips

Open stones appear in the same background color as stones which are not open. The only way to distringush between stones that are open vs those that are not is if you are able to select the stone. If the stone does not show an outline when selected that means it is not open.

Using hints

Don't be afraid to use hints as hints only cost you 40% of what each match is worth. When you get down to few matches left it can be a bit hard to find them due to the different stone background colors and how colorful each stone is.


Each stone pair you match is worth 250 points.

While the game does not show a timer you can earn a bonus for playing through the level quickly.

Hints cost 100 points. Manual shuffles cost 500 points. Typically there are fewer than 5 matches available anytime you are stuck, making repeated use of the hints far cheaper than manual shuffles.

Automated Shuffles

If no valid open matches remain the game will automatically shuffle the tiles. This means there is always at least one valid match available. Automated shuffles do not cost you points.

Game Controls

The right rail has the game controls.

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