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Starting Your Game

Click the yellow easy button to start an easy game or the red hard button to start a hard game.

After selecting the game type you can choose which size board you want to play. Options include 6x6 (36 squares), 8x8 (64 squares), 10x10 (100 squares), and 15x15 (225 squares).

The game also has buttons for help advice, high scores, more games and a language selector which is in the upper right corner.

The lower right corner of the welcome screen has buttons to share the game, develper information, and install the game as an app.

Game Features

Each day this game offers another level to play through for each board size. When you complete a level you can select another date from the right side calendar date selector, or if you do not like today's level you can pick another day.

The lower right corner of the game contains buttons to undo your move, restart the level, pause the game, turn music on or off, turn sound on or off, and switch between normal and full screen game modes.

Each of the track piece types has a number in its square. Click on that number on your keyboard to select it after clicking on which square you want to set that piece type in. You can later change the piece direction or outright move it.

When you have the correct number of pieces in each row or column the associated number turns gray. The pre-existing pieces already shown on the board count toward your piece totals.

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