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Free Online Daily Shinro Logic Puzzle Video Game

Play Daily Shinro Hidden Marble Finding Game Online for Free

Starting Your Game

This is a Japanese logic puzzle game which can be thought of as a blend of Sudoku and Minesweeper. :)

Click on the difficulty level you would like to play: easy or hard. Alternatively if you would like a printeable version of today's puzzles you can click on the PRINT TODAY'S PUZZLE button.

The help button explains how shinro puzzles work.

In the lower right corner of the welcome screen there are buttons to erase gameplay data, share the game on social media, and read developer info.

The game has a button for more games at the bottom and a language selector which is in the lower left corner.

How to Play

A Shinro puzzle is an 8x8 square grid. Your job is to locate twelve hidden marbles, based on the clues in the puzzle: numbers and arrows.

Process of Elimination

Each Shinro puzzle contains 64 squares and 12 marbles, meaning each square has about a 1 in 5 chance of being a marble & most cells are not marbles.

To complete a puzzle you need to correctly place all 12 marbles, but you do not need to make all other cells red Xs.

This game is best solved as a process of elimination by figuring out where marbles can not be.

Number Indicators

Arrow Indicators

Entering Your Data

This game has a built in error checker. Click on the "?" button to check your progress and identify any errors. The error checks for misplaced marbles but does not check for misplaced red Xs.

When you complete the puzzle it will show a blue circle with a white checkmark in it showing your puzzle completion time.

Game Features

Each day this game offers another level to play through. You can play two puzzles for any given day if you play across multiple difficulty levels. Simply refresh this page and select the other difficulty level.

Alternatively you can click on date to choose another date and play another puzzle from a recent day.

Your web browser automatically stores the amount of time and number of moves it took you to complete each puzzle.

The lower left side of the game offers buttons to pause the game, undo moves, error check your progress, control game music and sounds, or switch between full screen or embedded play modes.

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