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Free Online Daily Numbrix Number Logic Puzzle Video Game

Play Daily Numbrix Game Online for Free

Starting Your Game

Click on easy, medium, or hard to choose the puzzle difficulty you would like to play. Easier difficulty levels have more given numbers inside the puzzle, and harder puzzles have fewer.

After selecting the difficulty level you wish to play you can choose the grid size you want to play: 8x8, 9x9, or 10x10. Larger puzzles are slightly harder and take slightly longer.

Alternatively you can print out today's puzzle by clicking on the PRINT button.

The help button explains how numbrix puzzles work.

In the lower right side of the welcome screen has buttons to erase gameplay data, share the game on social media, read developer info, or install the game on your device as a web app.

The game has a button for more games in the right column and a language selector which is in the upper right corner.

How to Play

Numbrix is a type of logic puzzle played on a rectangular grid of squares.

Entering Your Data

When you complete a puzzle the screen will say Congratulations, then it will trace a blue line over the numbers to show the path you took, and then a blue winner stamp appears on top of the screen.

Game Features

Each day this game offers another level to play through. You can play through up to 9 different puzzles everyday by playing across different difficulty levels and puzzle sizes. Atlernatively you can click on the date after you complete a puzzle to play a puzzle of the same size and difficulty level from another day.

Your web browser automatically stores the amount of time and number of moves it took you to complete each puzzle.

The lower left side of the game offers buttons to puase the game, restart the level, control game music and sounds, or switch between full screen or embedded play modes.

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