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Free Online Daily Dog Pooh Logic Puzzle Video Game

Play Daily Dog Poo Game Online for Free

Starting Your Game

Click on the easy or hard buttons to choose the difficulty level you would like to play. Easy has more givens and harder has less of the puzzle filled in.

After choosing the diffuclty level you then can choose to play a 6x6, 8x8, 10x10, or 12x12 puzzle from the puzzle size popover. Larger puzzles are more complex and are thus take longer.

The help button explains how these puzzles work.

In the lower right corner of the welcome screen there are buttons to erase game progress, share the game on social media, developer info, or install the game on your device.

The game has a button for more games at the bottom center and a language selector which is in the upper right corner.

How to Play

Dog pooh is a part of life, unfortunately. Not that bad, as long as you know where it is!

Entering Your Data

When the level loads the cells with a pink hue background are givens. You use those to help deduct the solutions to the rest of the puzzle.

This puzzle does not have an error checking feature you can use to check your progress throughout the game, but when you complete it correctly a white thumbs up symbol with your finish time appears on top of the puzzle.

Game Features

Each day this game offers another level to play through.

Your web browser automatically stores the amount of time it took you to complete each puzzle.

You can click on date to choose another date and play another puzzle.

The lower right side of the game offers buttons to undo moves, pause the game, restart the level, adjust game music and sounds, or switch between full screen or embedded play modes.

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