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Free Online Hashi Bridge Logic Puzzle Video Game

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Starting Your Game

Select the size of your playing field and the difficulty level at the bottom of the game's welcome screen. Players can choose between a 10x10 or 15x15 grid, and choose between easy or hard difficulty levels for each.

How to Play

The goal of this game is to use the numbers on the islands to draw the associated number of bridges touching that island or node. Bridges may travel up, down, left or right, though they may not move at angles.

Click on an island and then drag your mouse to an island you would like to connect it to.

Repeat the above process until all the islands have the correct number of nodes touching them.

Islands may have multiple bridges connecting them to an adjacent island.

If you accidentally make too many bridges to a node you can use the same click and drag technique to erase the bridges between two nodes.

Game Features

The lower left corner of the game has buttons to pause the game, restart the level, turn music on or off, turn sound on or off, and switch to full screen mode.

Each day this game offers a new puzzle. You can click on the date in the left column to play a puzzle from another date.

Game Strategy

Some islands will only have one other island they can potentially connect with. Making those bridges first makes it easier to figure out where other bridges go.

An island must have a bridge leaving in each valid direction if it is in a corner and shows a 3, is along an edge and shows a 5, or is in the middle and shows a 7.

All islands must connect to at least one other island, with it being possible to traverse from any island to any other island using the bridges.

On larger and more complex problems the game sort of becomes partially a game of guessing and a process of elimination. When an island is green it means the correct number of bridges touch it BUT it does not mean you have the correct bridges in the correct direction, so be willing to go back over your paths if you are uncertain.

Game Background

This game is also named Hashi (the Japanese word for chopsticks). Hashi is short for Hashiwokakero, which translates as build bridges.

Japanese publisher Nikoli published an earlier form of this puzzle type in the December 1989 issue of Puzzle Communication Nikoli & published the modern version in September 1990.

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