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How to Play


This is a timed 10-stage version of Klondike Solitaire where you can repeatedly shuffle through the reserves. The reserves are dealt one card at a time.

Open columns on the tableau may be filled with any card, but this game does not have an undo move button.

Cards which have been laid to the foundations can not be returned to play on the tableau.


Since there is no undo button be careful when making plays when the possible move count is low.

It is preferrable to pull cards from the tableau rather than the reserves since you can shuffle through the reserves repeatedly and the reserves are dealt turn one.

If you are trying to beat a level as quickly as possible try to turn over all the cards on the tableau & then shuffle through the reserves as quickly as you can repeately as the autoplay feature moves cards to the foundations.


The first level gives you 6 minutes to complete it with each subsequent level giving you 30 seconds less, meaning you have to beat the final level in 1:30 to beat the game.

If you lose a level and click the button to end the game it is game over. Alternatively, instead of clicking the End Game button you can refresh this page to resume play on the level you were on.


The left rail of this game has the controls. At the top there is a full screen mode button. Underneath that the game shows your cumulative game score, remaining level time, what level number you are on, and how many possible moves remain.

At the bottom of the left column this game has a pause button then buttons for sound and music control.


Each card you move to another column on the tableau is worth 10 points and each card you lay onto the tableau from the reserves is worth 10 points. Cards moved from the reserves or the tableau to the foundations are also worth 10 points each.

There is a bug in the game's scoring where if you keep moving a card back and forth to an empty column and onto another column you keep scoring 20 points for each round trip.

Each second you have remaining when you complete a level is worth 5 points.

Your score is cumulative across levels. When the game is over you can submit your score to the high score list.

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