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Free Online Connect 10 Adding Mahjong Video Game

How to Play


This game is a fun way to practice addition. Select adjacent stones which add up to 10. You may match horizontally or vertically, but can not match diagonally.

Each time you make a match you score points, and the cells you used to sum to 10 are decremented by one each.

When a stone valued at zero is used as part of a run it is removed from the playing field.

Keep making matches which sum to 10 until no more matches can be made.


This is a 15-stage timed addition game where you must clear the board of potential sums to 10 before the timer runs out.

The first level gives you 10 minutes to beat it. Each subsequent level has a 30 second shorter time limit.

If you lose a level you can try it again, but you can't go back and replay previous levels.

Play Tips

Tiles range from 0 to 9. It is easier to match the lower numbers, because they can be matched in sets of 2, 3, 4, or more tiles.

A 9 tile can only be matched with a 1, or a series of 0 tiles and a 1.

Highest Value Tiles On Outer Columns First

Stones in the middle columns can be matched up or down, and left or right. Stones on the leftmost and rightmost columns can match up or down, and only in one direction horizontally. If you get stuck with long columns on the edges of the game you can rotate the playing field to reorganize the stones.


Each match consisting of 2 stones that you make is worth 5 points. Matches that consist of more stones are worth more points: 3 stones are worth 15, 4 stones are worth 30, 5 stones are worth, 6 stones are worth 75, 10 stones are worth 215.

Each second you have remaining when a level is beat is worth 30 points.

The level ends not when you clear all stones, but when it is no longer to make a match that sums to 10.

Game Controls

The game has a fullscreen button in the lower left corner with the remaining game controls are shown on the right side.

At the top it shows your level number, cumulative game score, and remaining level timer.

At the bottom there are 5 buttons to pause the game, rotate the playing field clockwise 90 degrees, get a hint, control game sounds, and control game music.

Save Your Zero Stones

Whenever a stone is valued at zero matching it again causes it to disappear from the field. Saving zeros for later in the game allows you to make matches between other stones that sum to 10 while not being adjacent.

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