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Free Online Classic Solitaire Video Game

Play Classic Klondike Solitaire Online for Free

Starting Your Game

Click on the play button to start a game. The welcome screen also contains buttons for help & more games, along with a language selector button in the lower left corner, and buttons in the lower right corner for sharing the game, development information, and installing the game on your device as an app.

Game Features

In the lower right corner there are buttons to pause the game, turn music and sound on or off, and play the game in full screen mode.

Game Design

The playing field has 7 columns on the tableau with one more card in each column. Only the bottommost card is shown face up while all others are face down.

The tableau houses 28 cards while the remaining 24 cards are in the reserves.

This game plays in turn 1 mode on the first round, turn 2 on the second round, and turn 3 on the third round.

Sometimes the "no possible moves" message comes up when you can still move parts of the tableau stacks to other stacks to move cards to the foundations & turn over other cards which were face down on the tableau.

Game Scoring

You win by clearing the tableau cards onto the foundation cards as quickly as possible, with your score determined by how quickly you beat the game. Your time bonus of 15 points for each second you have remaining.

Your overall game score is the score you obtain across the three rounds.

On the tableau you build down in descending order while alternating suit colors.

On the foundations you build in ascending order from the Ace by suit. The top foundatations are in the following order from left to right: Hearts, Spades, Clubs, Diamonds. When you lay a card onto the foundation you can not remove it.

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