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Play Free Circus Pyramid Solitaire Card Game Online

How to Play

This is a timed 10-level pyramid solitaire card game. Remove cards which add up to 13: King, Ace-Queen, 2-Jack, 3-10, 4-9, 5-8, 6-7.

This game provides a free cell which can be used in addition to other cards from the tableau, waste pile or draw pile. You can cycle through the draw pile an unlimted number of times. After exhausting the draw pile click on the waste pile to move it back across.

The right rail of the game shows level number, score, and remaining time. Underneath these data points are 4 buttons to pause the game, shift to full screen mode, and control sound or music.


Try to work on removing the cards which have the most cards underneath them so you need fewer consecutive moves in order to clear all cards.

If two paths have the same depth but using one allows you to make a sequence of plays then make the sequence of plays option.

Try to keep the free cell open for most of the game. If a card has its match underneath it and no other card sits atop the match then you can set the bottom card in the free cell then pair it off with the card it was laying on.


The first level gives players 5 minutes to complete it. Each subsequent level offers 20 seconds fewer, so you must beat the final level in 2 minutes.

You must beat each level to unlock the next level. You can replay a previously beat level from the level select screen to try to earn a better score.

If you lose a level this game allows you to try again.


Each card you remove from the tableau is worth 50 points, meaning the maximum base score you can earn on a level is 2,600 if you use up all cards from the reserves while clearing the pyramid.

Each second you have remaining when the level is complete is worth 15 seconds.

Your game score is cumulative across all 10 levels.

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