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Free Online Castle Mahjong Video Game

How to Play


Match identical open stones to remove them from the board. A stone is considered open if nothing is on top of it and either the left or right side does not have something next to it.

Clear each stage of tiles before the timer runs out.


This game has a nuanced take on levels. There are 10 castles to build, with each castle being deemed a level.

However there are also sublevels in the game where you collect supplies from & these sublevels are played until you run out of time, beat all, or collect enough supplies to build the associated castle.

As you make matches you collect wood, coal, and cememt. If you quickly make subsequent matches you collect 8 units of two of the three & if you make slower matches you collect fewer of the item.

Levels have special yellow tiles which are good for 12 of one of the goods.

When you collect enough to reach the goal for all 3 commodity types you build the castle and move on to the next castle.

You can't go back and replay previous levels.

Play Tips

Open tiles appear in a brighter color whereas tiles that are not open have a darker background color.

Widest Rows & Deepest Columns First

Each board has a unique configuration. Early levels are easy but the game gets more complex as you advance. It is best to remove tiles from the deepest and widest stacks whenever possible so that you quickly open up the board to enable other pair matches.


Each pair you match is worth 100 points.

You also score a bonus on each sublevel depending on how many goods you acquire and how much time you have remaining.

The level select screen shows what score you earned on each stage along with the associated star rating.

Taking a hint costs 250 points & shuffling tiles costs 500 points.

Game Controls

The game controls are shown on the right side.

At the top the game has buttons for sound control, full screen mode, and music control.

Next are indicators for which level (and sublevel) you are on, your remaining play time for the sublevel, and your cumulative game scores.

Under those indicators are buttons for shuffling stones, pausing the game, and taking a hint.

At the bottom the game shows how many of each 3 commodity you have collected to build this castle & what your target goal is.

Automated Shuffles

Whenever no tile matches remain the board automatically reshuffles, so if the board does not shuffle it means there is at least one valid move remaining.

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