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Free Online Bunny Solitaire Video Game

How to Play

The Deal

This is a timed two-deck Solitaire game where players have 5 minutes to move all cards from the tableau to the waste pile.

56 cards are dealt to the tableau across 7 columns of 8 cards each.

Locked Stack

The far right column on the tabelau is locked & is only unlocked after you collect all the keys which are made available by removing the cards below the key cards in the other columns.

Most cards on the tableau are dealt face down, except the bottom card in each stack (except the locked stack which remains face down until you collect all the keys) & then the third and fourth card up from the bottom in the first 7 stacks.

A card is dealt to the waste pile with another 49 in reserves.

In addition to 2 standard decks this game includes 2 jokers.

Moving Cards

Select a card which is numerically one above or below the card atop the waste pile to remove it from the tableau.

When no more moves can be made select a card from the reserves.


Try to work on all stacks in parallel and only get rid of the final card in stacks when you have worked off most of the deck. Having more columns to use enables more potential matches.

Unlocking the Right Column

Have a preference toward working on the stacks with keys in them first so that you can unlock the final stack early in the game.

Game Controls

At the top left the game shows your remaining level time and score.

The reserves pile has a count above it showing how many cards you have left in reserves & there is a move undo button next to the waste pile.

In the lower right there are 4 buttons to turn off game music, switch to full screen play, pause the game, and turn off game music.


Each card you remove from the tableau is worth 20 points.

Activate the Chain Bonus to Earn More Points

Across the bottom there is a multiplier meter. When you make 3 consecutive moves your score doubles on each subsequent move. The multiplier meter takes 3 moves each for 2x and 3x, then requires 4 consecutive moves to increment further.

Your remaining time is also worth points, with each second being valued at 1 point.

The key to earning a high score in this game is to activate the score multiplier feature.

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