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Free Online Bug Exterminator Mahjong Connect Video Game

How to Play


Match identical bug stones to remove them from the board.

Stones may be matched if:

When you match identical bug stones it will form the associated bug, which will then walk offscreen.

When you connect the two pesticide cans it will clear the board.


This is a 15-stage game. Levels start off easy with the first level having a 4:59 timer. As you progress through the game levels grow more difficult and the time limit decreases by 15 seconds per level.

You need to take advantage of the special power of the pesticide cans to beat the later levels in the game as the final level gives you only 1:29 to beat it and the final level has around 3 times as many stones as the first level.

If you fail a level you can try it again, however you can't go back to replay previously beat levels.

Play Tips

Corners & Edges First

Tiles near the edge of the board and in the corners are easier to match since they have pathways to many other tiles.


Each pair you match is worth 50 points.

If you match another set of stones before the first bug moves offscreen you activate a chain bonus.

When you activate the pesticide cans all remaining bugs are defeated at once, causing a large chain bonus.

Maximize Your Chain Bonus

If you play this game optimally most of your points will come from a chain bonus by activating the pesticides. Try to find the shortest & quickest path to connect the two pesticide cans as soon as the level starts.

Every second you have remaining when you beat a level is worth 10 points.

Shuffling the remaining tiles or taking a hint cost 250 points each. when you shuffle tiles all tiles except the pesticide tiles may move.

Game Controls

The game controls are shown on the right side.

At the top it shows your cumulative game score, remaining play time on the level, and level number.

At the bottom there are buttons to manually shuffle tiles, get a hint, control game music, control game sound, pause the game, and switch to full screen mode.

Automated Shuffles

Whenever no tile matches remain the board automatically reshuffles, so if the board does not shuffle it means there is at least one valid move remaining.

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