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How to Play

Game Design

This is a single-suit solitaire game where you try to build 4 foundation piles on the right side.

Cards on the tableau can be built down regardless of suit or color. You can only move 1 card at a time & empty spaces on the tableau can not be refilled.

The tableau consists of 13 columns of 4 cards each.

The game is timed with a 12 minute limit.

Game Features

The right rail of the game shows remainig time, score, an undo move button, pause, full screen, and sound control & music control buttons.

You can undo up to 3 moves per game.

Cards laid to the foundations can not be moved back to the tableau.

The game will automatically play some cards to the foundations if those cards are certain to not be needed to hold other lower cards from other suits & you can also manually move other cards there.

Once a card has been moved to a foundation you can not move it back.


Since empty columns on the tableau can't be reused the name of this game is trying to uncover Aces and move cards across to the tableau as quickly as you possibly can.

Be careful not to combine card runs which limit future moves. There is a natural response in Solitaire games to want to "put things in order" but in this game a stand alone Queen which is not on top of a King is more valuable & gives you greater flexiblity than a Queen which is on a King as having them separate leaves the place open to put another Queen. The same is true with any card number.

Another thing to look out for is a stack which contains multiple of the same number (especially if they are in a row). You have to move some of those quickly before putting anything underneath them or you are likely to get stuck unless the cards below them can be easily played to a foundation early in the game.

All things considered, if you can mantain suit on the tableau that gives you greater flexibility, though you typically have to go out of suit quite often, its just when you can stay in suit that makes it easier to be able to move a run of cards to the associated foundation.


Each card you move to a foundation is worth 50 points, for a maximum base score of 2,600. You also score 15 bonus points for each second you have remaining when you complete the game, so if you complete the game quickly most of your total score will be from the time bonus. For example, if you finish the puzzle in 4 minutes and have 8 minutes remaining you would score 7,200 time bonus points.

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