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Play Free Ancient Wonders Solitaire Card Game Online

How to Play

Game Design

This is a 7-level timed version of Pyramid Solitaire. Cards summing to 13 are removed from the tableau.

The draw pile has 24 cards and you can go through it an unlimited number of times. The top card on the draw pile and waste pile are both playable.

The game also has a free cell. You can combine any combination of 2 cards from the tableau, draw pile, waste pile, or the free cell to remove them.

The first level gives you 6 minutes to complete it. Each subsequent level gives you 30 seconds less to complete it to where you get 3 minutes to complete the final level.

Game Features

The right rail of the game shows what level you are on, your total cumulative game score, how much time you have remaining on the current level, and then 4 buttons to pause the game, adjust sound, adjust music, and switch to full screen mode.

This game does not have an undo button.


Try to remove the cards evenly as you can across the pyramid to keep many play options open.

Use the free cell when it enables you to make another key move or multiple consecutive moves, but try to clear it out as quickly as you can.

You can not complete a level if the free cell has a card in it. You must also remove that card.


Each 13 you make is worth 100 points. You can pair up cards in any combination of 2 cards from the tableau, draw pile, waste pile, or the free cell to remove them.

Each second you have remaining when you complete a level is worth 2 points.

Your score is cumulative across levels.

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