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How to Play

Game Design

This game is based on the same concept as Tripeaks, where you can remove a card numerically adjacent to the open card.

Kings can be played on an Ace or a 2. Joker cards can be used to represent any card.

The game has 10 timed levels where you get up to 10 minutes to complete the level.

As you remove cards from the tableau if you can get a streak of 4 or more cards in a row removed you are given a Joker.

You can accumulate stacks of Jokers and use them whenever you like.

The playing field at first appears like ordinary Tripeaks, but when you remove those cards you then reveal inverted pyramids and the pattern continues with the cards dropping down into view as you remove the bottom rows from play. Once you get near the top of a level the cards no longer fall down as you complete rows.

Underneath the draw pile it shows how many cards you have remaining. When that goes to zero you are dealt a new stack.

Game Features

At the top right there is a button to go between full screen mode and embedded gameplay.

The right rail of the game shows your level number, current score and how much time you have remaining on the current level. Underneath these data points there are buttons to puase the game, undo moves, and control sound or game music.

You can undo up to 3 moves & when your undoes are used up you can earn more by removing cards from the tableau.


Just like ordinary Tripeaks you usually want to remove the cards which have the most cards underneath them.

If there are multiple of a specific card showing and a run in the opposite direction sometimes it still makes sense to go after the individual card there are duplicates of to prevent that part of the level from holding you back later.

If you have a lot of Jokers then it probably makes sense to go for the long run first and then come back and use the Jokers on the other cards.


Initially each card you remove from the tableau is worth 300 points. There is a bonus scoring system where if you remove multiple cards in a row each card after the first is worth an extra 50%, so if you removed 5 cards in a row the cards would each score: 300, 450, 600, 750, then 900. The above example was for the beginning of the first level. In other parts of the game the base card value may change, but that 50% sequential bonus remains.

You score 3 points for each second you have left remaining when you beat the level.

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