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Free Online American Euchre Cards Video Game

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Game Goal

The goal of Euchre is to score to a pre-set game limit before the other team does. Most Euchre games typically go to 10, though the limits 5 and 7 can also be used. This game set the limit to 10.

Hand Scoring

Each deal has 5 total tricks.

Whoever decides trump must make at least 3 tricks or else they are set. Scores are as follows based on how many tricks are won by the team which made trump.

Make Trump Alone? Less Than 3 3 or 4 5
yes no 2 for opponent 1 2
yes yes 2 for opponent 1 4

Winning Tricks

Players must follow the suit led unless they do not have any of that suit in their hand.

Whatever suit is trump beats any card which is not trump.

Card Order


In this game the dealer has the word Team near them. When the dealer deals the hand there are 4 cards left over with one of them face up. That last card is something any player can order the dealer to add to their hand as part of the trump suit.

If nobody orders up the dealer then players can choose trump starting with the player to the dealer's left.

If nobody chooses a trump the hand is redealt with the same dealer dealing again.


Euchre is a far more complex game than it seems given how few cards there are. Here are a number of rule of thumb tips.

Difference Between American & British Euchre

In British Euchre the Joker is in the deck. A Joker trumps all other cards.

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