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Play Free Alien Pyramid Solitaire Card Game Online

How to Play

Game Design

This is an alien themed version of Pyramid with 30 timed levels.

Players pair up cards adding up to 13 to remove them from the tableau. Kings are removed individually.

Each of the 30 levels has a unique design layout. If you fail on a level you can replay it & you must beat each level to play the next.

The game has 3 difficulty settings, which you choose before each round:

Harder difficulty levels also give you more points for the matches you make.

Game Features

The game comes with 3 difficulty levels. You can adjust the difficulty setting for each level throughout the game.

The right side of the game has a pause button and a full screen mode button near the top. Then it shows level, score, remaining time, difficulty level, and buttons to control sound and music.

You can use the move undo button an unlimited number of times & can undo multiple consecutive moves.


Try to pair off the parts of the tableau which have many cards underneath them as quickly as possible.

If you have two parallel play options which are roughly equivalent you can try both, taking advantage of the game's undo button.

If you have a pair on the tableau which does not have any cards under them you can wait to remove it so that you can use either card to interact with other cards on the tableau if needed.

You set the difficulty on each stage, so if you are struggling with a particular stage try to play it on normal or easy. If you find the game rather easy play it on difficult to score more points.

When your remaining cards on the tableau is equal to or fewer than how many Jokers you have remaining you should quickly pair them off with Jokers as the reserves pike cards and Jokers are worth the same reward amount.


The difficulty level you play on impacts the scoring. The scoring may have some exceptions on some particular levels, but in general the following typically hold true:

Your score is cumulative across all 30 levels.

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