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Play Free Alhambra Solitaire Card Game Online

How to Play Alhambra Solitaire

Game Design

The is a 2-deck solitaire game where you build 8 foundations across the top of the screen. The 4 foundations on the left side are built up by suit from Ace to King. The 4 foundations on the right side are built down by suit from King to Ace.

Initially 32 cards are dealt to the tableau face up across 8 columns with the bottom card of each column playable.

You cannot build on the tableau, you can only move cards to the foundations or to the open card at the bottom. Empty columns on the tableau can not be reused by any other cards.

You can move cards from the tableau to the open card sequentially up or down in suit. You may lay the open card or any card from the tableau to one of the foundations provided they are in suit and sequential.

Click on the stock to get a new open card.

You can sort through the reserves a total of 3 times.

When cards are on a foundation they are no longer in play. Cards which are on one foundation can not be moved across to another foundation.

Game Features

Across the bottom of the game it shouws your score then has buttons to switch to full screen move, undo moves, pause the game, and control game sound and music.

You can undo up to 10 moves per game.

While the game allows you to shuffle through the reserves three times, in some cases some web browsers may shift that to only allowing 1 shuffle on subsequent plays after losing once. If this happens you can clear out that issue by refreshing the web browser.


Try to get the columns on the tableau to only have 1 card them as quickly as you can while building the foundations. When there is only 1 card left on the tableau column there is no need to move it until you can play it to one of the foundations. If a tableau column has an Ace or a King as the furtherst card under the stack then consider that stack as being in good shape when it has 2 cards in it.

Pay attention to tableau columns where multiple cards in the same suit exist, particularly if a card which is hard to play is blocking a card you need soon to build up the foundations. You may need to prioritize moving one of those quickly to not get stuck in an unwinnable game.

You can use the open stack to temporarily store runs of cards you plan on immediately moving to a foundation.


Each card you move to a foundation is worth 25 points, for a maximum potential score of 2,600 points.

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