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How to Play


Move all cards to the 8 foundations with the left 4 foundations ascending from Ace to King and the right 4 foundations decending from King to Ace.

On the tableau you must follow suit, but you can build either ascending or decending.

You can only move 1 card at a time & you can place any card on an empty column on the tableau.

After the initial deal most deals from the reserves go to the bottom piles, with 2 cards put on each pile. The only exception to this is on the final deal from the reserve cards are dealt directly to the tableau.


You can pick up a card and slightly move it to see which card is underneath it, giving you an advatage when you are considering removing a card from the bottom section and playing it to the tableau columns.

You can not move cards from the foundation back to the tableau, but you can move cards from one foundation to the other.

If your cards are near the middle of the deck (e.g. 6-7-8-9) try to build middle out to where the edges that are closer to a foundation's value is near the bottom so if you get a missing card or two the whole stack goes to a foundation.

If your cards are near the edge of the deck (e.g. 10-J-Q or 3-4-5) then try to build them in such a way that the value nearest the edge of the deck is at the bottom.

Use your empty columns on the tableau to repeatedly resort cards if needed to add other cards to a suited run.


This is a 3-level game. Players are gvien 20 minutes to solve the first level. On each subsequent level you are given 2 fewer minutes to beat it, so the second level gives you 18 minutes while the third level gives you 16.


There is a full screen mode button in the lower left corner, with a button right of it which allows you to turn on or off autoplaying of cards to the foundations.

Using the autoplay button makes the game much faster, which will result in a higher total score.

The lower right corner has a pause button


Each card you move to a foundation is worth 20 points, for a maximum base score of 1,040 points. Each second you have remaining when you beat a level is worth 10 points.

Your game score is cumulative across all 3 levels.

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