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Free Online Airport Management 3 Video Game

How to Play


Draw lines from each aircraft to the landing spot to guide air traffic safely through to landing.

Each aircraft has a specific landing location.

The correct runway for each will highlight when you select an aircraft to draw its flight path. Helicopters can approach landing from any angle, whereas planes must both land on the correct runway and approach from the correct side of it.


This game has 40 levels. You must beat each level to unlock the next.

If you die you can continue an unlimited number of times.

Each level shows the goal landing count at the top of the screen. The first level starts off with a landing goal of 5 and it increases by 2 for each subsequent level. meaning that level 11 would have a goal of 25 aircraft landings.

The level ends when you reach the goal even if there are still planes in the sky.

Play Tips

Avoid Crashing

As much as possible try to land aircrafts as quickly as you can without any getting in a wreck so the airspace does not get crowded. This game has no concept of height, so everything in the air can hit each other & airplanes on the ground are still in play to get into a wreck until they disappear.

Planes come in multiple colors. For the first 10 levels all planes are functionally the same. Starting in level 11 there are also larger planes added into the mix which land on different runways than the smaller planes.

Helicopters can land from any direction.

This game allows you to make impossibly sharp turns. Try to minimize turning while making the last part of the flight path so that the game records your movement as an attempt to land.

You do not need to land craft in the order they appear. You can alter the order however you wish, as there is no concept of almost out of fuel, however you are more likely to get into a wreck and lose the level if there are many aircraft on the level.

If multiple landing options light up for a craft you can choose whichever is easiest to use. Try to avoid long routes across the screen, needless congestion, and landing on runways where the path requires you spend time near the edge of the screen where other planes may appear.

Avoid the Edges

Try not to set your flight paths close to the edge of the screen more than you need to as new planes can appear at any time. A red marker will warn when & where a new aircraft is about to enter. If your flight path is near it you may want to reroute simply to evade the risk & then draw a new path to the runway after you have ensured collision has been avoided.

Additional Games

This is the third game in this series. We also publish Airport Management 1 and Airport Management 2.

Gameplay is rather conistent across this series with the same core game mechanics, though different level layouts and aesthetic designs.

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