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Free Online Achilles Solitaire Video Game

How to Play

The Deal

This is a timed single-deck solitaire game where players have 20 minutes to move all the cards from the 7 tableau tiles to the bottom of the screen.

Columns on the tableau contain 5, 7, 8, 9, 8, 7 and 5 cards. Three cards are dealt to the reserves which can be dragged up to a card on the tableau to pair off.

Moving Cards

Select a card and drag it to move it.

Players match up cards which are the same numerical value or are numerically adjacent.

Players can pair off any of the bottom cards from any of the tableau stacks, or drag the reserve card showing up to a stack to pair them off.


Since all cards (other than the final 2 reserve cards) are dealt up you can see which plays are enabled by each move you make, so plan out your next move before making the initial move.

Keep Your Options Open

Try to work on all stacks in parallel and only get rid of stacks when you have worked off most of the deck. Having more columns to use enables more potential matches.

Be cautious with card stacks that have the needed match directly underneath the card below it.

Game Controls

Across the top the game shows your score, remaining play time, and then has 5 buttons in the upper right offering the following features


Each pair you match up is worth 20 points, which puts the maximum base score at 520 points.

Your remaining time is also worth points, with each second being valued at 50 points.

The key to earning a high score in this game is finishing quickly.

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