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Building the Foundation

Move all the cards to one single foundation pile. Build up one suit at a time starting with the Ace of Hearts to the King and then an Ace again. You do not have to follow suit while building foundations, though generally you should or else it is very easy to make the cards on the tableau unmoveable since moving cards on the tableau requires the top card on the stack to follow suit and be sequential.

Tableau Movement

This game uses a single 52-card deck with 28 cards being dealt to the table in 7 columns similar to the Klondike configuration with the exception of the cards being face up.

On the tableau build down by suit. Groups of cards can be moved regardless of sequence and space can be filled with Kings or a group of cards headed by a King.

Stock Cards

Click on the stock for new cards on the tableau. Stock cards are dealt to the bottom of the tableau columns in three rounds of 7 and then finally one round of 3 on the leftmost columns.

Game Configuration

This game has 3 levels with each level having less time. The first level gives you 10 minutes, the second level 8 minutes, and the final level has 6 minutes.

If you close your browser while the game is playing and later want to restart then the game will allow you to either start from the beginning or pick up play with a new deal on the level you last played.

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