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Free Online A Deck of Fish Solitaire Video Game

Play Solitaire A Deck of Fish Online for Free

Game Goal

Remove the cards from the tableau by selecting free cards that are 1 higher or 1 lower then the open card (bottom center). As you lay a card on top of the waste pile that becomes the new value for which you can lay other cards on. You can play either a King or a 2 on an Ace.

When you can not make any more moves with the current waste pile card you can click on the reserves to lay a new card atop the waste pile. The reserves pile has a number underneath it indicating how many turns you have left.

Each level has a unique number of cards in the waste pile & on the tableau, though the cards which are on the tableau are spread across 7 columns which may be equal or unequal.

As you get streaks of cards in a row it will place a fish near the waste pile. Clicking on that fish at the bottom center will collect one of your fishes which appear in the lower right corner of the game.

Golden cards are lure cards. You can collect them whenever they are exposed with no card on top of them, even if they are not sequential to your current top card on the waste pile.

The level ends when either you can not make any more moves, there are no cards left on the tableau, or you have collected all the fish. The onlyt way to win the level is to collect all your fish.

Important: if you can make one more play and have no cards remaining in your reserves you should collect the last fish before making that final play, as making the final play first will trigger the "no moves remaining" subroutine which will mean game over.

Game Controls

In the upper left corner of the screen there is a pause button and a full screen mode button.

In the upper right corner of the game there are buttons to control sound, music, and undo moves.

The bottom left corner of the game shows which lures you have collected in this level, what level number you are on, and your score.


The first card you add to the waste pile is worth 10 points. So long as you keep a sequence of fish there is a score multiplier, so the second card is 20, the third card is 30, and so on.

Collecting a lure does not score any points directly, but if you have collected lures remaining at the end of the level you get 500 points each.

Unused cards from your reserves are worth 50 points each.

There is also a small level bonus which is typically around 100 to 200 when you complete the level.


Try to organize the tableau so you can get long streaks of cards. If you can make an easy fish but still have a long streak in front of you then keep the streak going and try to aim for the bigger & more valueable fish first.

The fish on the right of the screen are the day's suggested catch. You must catch either those fish in that size OR fish like them which are bigger OR fish of a higher class.

You have to click on the fish in the center of the screen to accept it as a catch.

Cards with their numerical value in gold have a collectible lure on them. When you click those cards you get the associated lure, but it does not impact which card is shown atop the waste pile. You can then play the lure cards whenever you like throughout the remainder of the game & laying a lure card does not reset your multiplier. You can lay a lure card immediately after collecting it or save it for later in the level.

Whenever you play a lure card the streak you had going is retained, however whenever you draw a new card from the waste pile your streak is over and your fish status in the center of the screen resets to zero.

In general it is best to play cards which open up the ability to make long streaks of sequential cards.

It is also beneficial to work off the longer tableau columns whenever possible instead of using the shorter ones, as leaving at least 1 card in each stack gives you more play options, whereas clearing out a stack would give you fewer play options for the rest of the game.

If you make a mistake you can use the undo button.

Replaying a Level

Levels are not timed.

If you lose a level you can either end the game & start back at the beginning, or play the same level again.

You get an unlimited number of continues and your score across levels is retained when you continue.

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