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Free Online 5 Stack Blackjack 21 Cards Video Game

Play 5 Stack Blackjack Online for Free

Game Goal

This is a 5-level game where you try to score as close to 21 as you can on 5 separate hands.

One card is dealt at a time and you choose which hand it is laid to by clicking on that stack. If you want to skip laying a card click on a "skip card" icon instead.

On the first round you are given 5 skip cards and have a goal of 100 out of a potential 105. Each round gets progressively more difficult with a higher required score and fewer skip cards available.

On the final round you have to score 104 points out of a potential total of 105 & are only given a single card skip, so the final level is brutally difficult.


Try to get as many 10 or 11 as you can early so that if you get an ace or a face card you can lay it and get to 21.

You are generally better off having multiple unequal stacks rather than many close stacks. For example, you would rather have one stack at 13 and another at 19 than to have two stacks at 16 each. The uneven stacks allow you to play a wider range of cards itno the playing field. Try not to get too many stacks close to 21 without getting to it because if you need multiple aces in a row the odds of dealing that are quite low.

If you can lay 5 cards on a single stack without it exceeding or touching 21 then that stack is automatically counted as a value of 21.

Replaying a Level

If you lose on a level you can try it again. Once your game has ended you can submit your high score.

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