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Free Online 21 Blitz Blackjack Puzzle Video Game

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Game Goal

This is a timed 5-level game where you have to create a set number of 21 matches on each level to move on to the next one.

Each level lasts 3 minutes. On each level you have to make one additional match. The first level requires 5 matches to beat & the fifth level you have to make 9 matches.

The game contains a 4 by 4 grid and you lay cards onto it one card at a time. Anytime a row or column adds up to 21 that row or column is emptied.

If you bust (e.g. go over 21) the row or column is also emptied, but you then have to create an additional match to reach your level goal. Your goal status can go negative meaning if it shows -1 out of 5 you have to make 6 row matches to get to 5.

Aces can count as 1 or 11.

If laying down a card creates a match in one direction and a bust in the other direction the match is counted and the card is removed without it counting as a bust in the opposite direction.


Try to place face cards or tens in such a way that the values are staggered and you still have at least one row and column which can accept any card without busting.

If you can lay a card down which gives you 21 in a row and a column at the exact same time you score bonus points.

If you must bust, try to bust only 1 row or column at a time & try to make the bust go way over 21 so you clear a lot of value from the board to give yourself more options on future plays.

Each round ends when you reach the level goal for matched lines or when you run out of time. If you have time remaining each second remaining is worth a bonus point.

Replaying a Level

If you lose on a level you can try it again. Once your game has ended you can submit your high score.

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