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Play Free 2 Suits Spider Solitaire Card Game Online

How to Play


On the tableau a card may be moved on another card provided it is in sequential descending order. Sequential runs of cards can also be moved provided they are both in the same suit.

You can create runs of mixed suit cards, but you can only move the suited portions of them at a single time.

Move cards on the tableau into a royal flush to have them removed from the game. Make 8 royal flushes and beat the game.

This game uses the equivalent of 2 full decks of cards (though technically it uses the spades and hearts suits from 4 decks).

54 cards are dealt to the tableau off the start with another 50 in reserves which are dealt to the tableau 10 at a time with a single card added to each column.


Try to create an empty column on the tableau as quickly as possible, as you can set any card there allowing you to resort other cards.

If you are unsure of which column to pull from between two options it is usually better to go for the shorter stack so you are closer to creating an empty column on the tableau.

Don't be afraid to use the move undo button if you want to see which card is underneath the top one on two different columns.

Try to keep stacks as suited as possible, though sometimes early in the game you need to mix suits in order to help reveal some of the cards further up the tableau stack.

If you have a choice between having 2 somewhat dirty stacks with suits repeatedly mixed or one rather clean stack and one really dirty stack go with whatever option gives you at least one clean stack.

When you have an open column on the tableau use it to reorganize the stacks to make them suited as much as you possibly can.


This is a single level game with a 20 minute time limit.


Of the 3 common types of Spider this is this is medium difficulty. Single suit Spider is the easiest and 4 suit Spider is the hardest.


All game controls are in the right rail.

Your current score and remaining time are at the top of the column.

Underneath those are buttons to undo moves, pause the game, control sounds, control music, and switch to full screen mode.

You can use the undo button up to 3 times & it recharges in between uses as you make other plays.


Each royal flush is worth 130 points, for a total base score of 1,040 points.

You are also awarded a time bonus for completing the game quickly. Each second you have remaining when you complete the game is worth 10 points.

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