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Free Online Mah Jong Connect II Video Game

How to Play

Combine identical tiles which touch each other or those which can be connected by a line which does not pass through any other tiles and connects the two tiles while making 2 or less 90 degree turns.

Tile Move Strategy

On some levels tile positions are static, while on other levels the tiles move to fill in spaces. Fill moves can go up, down, left or right depending on level, though are consistent within each level. If tiles fill in a particular direction be sure to make easy matches that will not be harmed by making other moves. For example, if tiles fill upward, try to make horizontal matches lower on the playing field before making moves higher up that may make the lower placed tiles misaligned.


This game has 30 levels.

Your current level is shown in the upper left of the game.

Each time you beat a level you play the next.

If the time reaches zero it is game over.

Each level has a unique board configuration and specific time level.

The time limit starts off at 3 minutes. Whenever you make matches it adds 10 seconds to your remaining time up to the level time limit.


Each match you make is worth 10 points.

Tile matches must be identical, except for flower tiles that can match with other flower tiles.

You also score points based on how much time is left in the timer when the level ends, with each second being worth 30 points.

The level select screen shows what you scored on each level.

Your total score is cumulative across all stages.

Game Controls

The top of the screen shows level number, current level score, and remaining level time. To the right of these data points are 4 buttons for full screen mode, game pause, sound control & music control.

In the right side of the game there are 5 special buttons to take hints, shuffle tiles, add time, and attack a set of tiles or multiple sets of tiles.

Each time you beat a stage you roll to win another bonus power up, though as you consume these they do not get replenished beyond the 1 you earn from beating a level.

The game automatically shuffles the remaining tiles if no valid matches remain. The automated shuffles do not cost you points.

If the tiles do not shuffle on their own this means there is still a move to be made.

All the power move buttons show a count on them, which indicates how many of that feature you have left.

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