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Free Online Emoji Mahjong Solitaire Video Game

How to Play


Match identical open stones to remove them from the board.

The emojis you match must have the same facial expression as each other. The only exception to the identical matching rule are cats and monkeys.

Clear each stage of tiles quickly to earn a high score.


This game has 80 different board layouts you can choose to play.

Select whichever board you would like to play and finish it as quickly as you can to maximize your level score.

You can play the levels in any order & can go back to replay previously beat levels again if you want to try to earn a higher score on them.

Play Tips

Open tiles appear in a brighter color whereas tiles that are not open have a darker gray overaly atop the emoji.

Widest Rows & Deepest Columns First

Each board has a unique configuration. Early levels are easy but the game gets more complex as you advance. It is best to remove tiles from the deepest and widest stacks whenever possible so that you quickly open up the board to enable other pair matches.


You start each level with a 10,000 point score & each second that passes ticks away 10 points.

Hints cost you 10 seconds or 100 points.

Manual shuffles cost you 20 seconds or 200 points.

Game Controls

The game controls are shown on the right side.

Automated Shuffles

Whenever no tile matches remain the board automatically reshuffles, so if the board does not shuffle it means there is at least one valid move remaining.

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