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Free Online Animals Connect 2 Mahjong Video Game

How to Play


Select two identical tiles which can be connected with a line that does not pass through any other stones and does not turn at 90 degrees more than twice.

Some levels have tiles which fill in a particular direction & on some levels the tiles do not fill in.


You earn points for each tile pair you remove from the board. You can also score a chain bonus by making many consecutive moves quickly.

You can submit your high score to our site and see how you compare against millions of other Mahjong players.

If you get stuck you can select the hints button or shuffle tiles button, but using those will cost you poinrs.


This game has 16 levels. You must beat each level to unlock the next.

If you fail to beat the level before the timer runs out it is game over, but you can continue an unlimited number of times.

As you progress through the game the levels contain more tiles while giving you less time to beat each stage, making each level progressively more difficult.

Play Tips

Matching Tiles in the Correct Order

Some levels fill tiles in a particular direction. On levels that fill it is best to make perpendicular matches on the far side of the screen before making matches on the side the tiles are filling into.

The easiest tiles to match are the tiles on the outside, with the corner tiles being able to match in either direction.

If the tiles do not automatically shuffle it means there is at least one more move available.

Maximize Your Score

Finishing the level quickly can allow you to earn a handy time bonus. You can also beef up your score by making many moves consecutively in a short period of time to activate the chain bonus feature.

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